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Winter 2021 Session Update

If you have been following along with us the past little bit, you would know that our lease in our current location is expiring at the end of February.


We have not be able to find a new location to continue to run our gymnastics classes. And so, we must postpone our next session until further notice.


Our current session will end on Jan 29 2022. We will need to use the month of February to pack up everything in the gym.


We have been looking high and low for a place to call our new home! Do you know of a space in the Woolwich area that is available for us?


We need all hands on deck for this one! As it stands currently, we do not have a place to run our much loved classes after February. We want to continue to be able to share our love of Gymnastics with you all!!


We survived the height of COVID and we picked ourselves up and dried off after TWO floods. We don't want our journey to end!


Do you know of a space for lease or a landlord? Let us know! Help us to continue to provide gymnastics programming for another 35 years!!


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