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Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Earlier this year, Woolwich Gymnastics Club suffered from two devastating floods. Added to financial difficulties brought on by the pandemic, this has left our not-for-profit community organization struggling to reopen.

On May 25 2021, we were notified that sometime over the long weekend, the water main going into our building had burst with water flooding into every unit of the building we rent. By the time we were notified, over 2 inches of water had pooled throughout our unit. A restoration company, our insurance provider and SA sport were called to help assess the damage.

The majority of our mats and other foam dominated equipment was hit by the flood and not able to be salvaged. This includes our landing mats, sting mats, teddy bear mats, octagons, the kindergym area flooring and more. Luckily, because the large spring floor has metal springs instead of foam ‘springs’, it was not affected.

To make matters worse, on June 21 2021, the water main failed for a second time. Much of the equipment which had been saved from the initial flood was lost. All in, the total loss of equipment exceeds $100,000. While the club was insured for our equipment, the added burden of the pandemic has been devastating to our club’s finances.

For the health of our athletes and staff, Woolwich Gymnastics Club has remained closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we could not open, we had to continue paying our largest expense: rent. We have applied for but have not received any rent relief from the government. This alone has wiped out our modest savings. As a not-for-profit, our club reinvests any earnings back into infrastructure, and we could not have any more than a rainy-day fund set aside.

Unfortunately, our current lease is expiring and we are not able to renew it. We are still looking for our new home. The costs of this eventual opening of a new space and our current rent and other associated costs have placed a huge demand on our already depleted our rainy day fund.

To help cover all of these costs we have set up a GoFundMe campaign; with a goal of $25,000. With your support we will reopen with enthusiasm and continue to provide affordable, high-quality athletic programming to children of all ages. Woolwich Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organization that has served Elmira and the surrounding community since 1987. Gymnastics is a sport that provides a core foundation for all activities. We offer both recreational and competitive programs in a supportive, family atmosphere.

You can read our story and donate to our GoFundMe campaign by following this link:

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, shared our posts, shared our story and for all your words of encouragement and hope. With your support, the Woolwich Gymnastics Club will come back stronger from this disaster and continue serving our community for another 34 years and beyond!

Our Fall Session is currently on hold as we work to get our new equipment and have the gym in working order. We currently do not have a date as to when we will be able to hold classes.

Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on the flood, classes, registration and more!


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