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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies for 'member registration'?
Your child is enrolled in the current session. Those currently in enrolled will receive a code via email to access early registration. This will come from ''. Find our trouble shooting tips on our blog 'I Didn't Get that Email!'
After reading and following the tips in the blog post, you still did not have a code, email our registrar at

There is no member or early access registration for the fall session.

For example: Claire is taking gymnastics classes on Saturdays in the Fall session. Claire would qualify to register for the Winter session during the member registration time period for Winter.

If Claire decided to take the Winter session off, she would not qualify for member registration for the Spring session. Claire will register during the 'public' registration time.

When does registration open for the next session?

The approximate timing for registration for our sessions are:

Fall - Mid-August

Winter- Mid-November

Spring- Mid-March 

Summer Camp - Mid/Late March


Follow us on Social Media to follow dates & reminders. 

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What class should I register my child for?

Head over to our 'Programs' page to view class descriptions including ages - PROGRAMS

What are the class fees?

Head over to our Current Session page to view all session information including pricing. - NEWS

Is there a parent viewing area?

There is a small area for visitor viewing. Please be respectful of our coaches and gymnasts and refrain from sideline coaching. 

Any children who are with you in the viewing area must remain with you and off any and all equipment.

It is distracting to your child, other children in the class and the coaches. Our certified coaches are available before and after class to address any questions or concerns you have have. Alternatively, you can contact our head coach via email here

If visitors are not able to adhere to these rules, this area will be permanently closed

What should my child wear and bring to class?

Head over to our 'Ready for Class' page 


I am on the waitlist for a class. Will more classes be added?

We assess the classes and see where we could add more once registration closes. The addition of more classes will depend on number of people on the waitlist, coach availability and physical space. 

Those on the waitlist will be contacted if more classes are added.

The weather is not good. Are classes cancelled?

Any class cancellations will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages by 3pm. 

Members will be notified if and when a make-up class is scheduled. Make-up classes will be dependent on schedule availability and coach availability.

Can we trial a class before we register?

No. We do not have a class trial program. A great way to sample our gymnastics classes is to register for one of our Summer camps. 

Woolwich Gymnastics Club year

Our club 'year' - also known as the 'season' - runs from July 1 to June 31.

Sessions are the 8-12 weeks of classes. We have a Fall, Winter and Spring Session of gymnastics classes.

The 'GO fee' is paid once per season. For example: If your child registered for a session between July & June of one year, you will pay the GO fee again after June 31 for the following year's session(s).

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