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Get Ready for Class!

So you have registered for gymnastics class! Here's what you need to know to get ready!


What to wear:

- Athletic attire without strings or buttons

            E.g., Gym suit, leggings, t-shirt, tank top, shorts, track pants

- Absolutely NO jeans, hoodies or any item with draw strings around the collar, buckles, 

- Long hair pulled back and out of the face

- Barefoot - No socks or tights with feet or slippers

What to bring:

- Full reusable water bottle labeled with name

- Any inhalers or EpiPens may be brought into class and given to their coach

- A smile!

Other important information:

Siblings and Parent Participation:

For siblings that are waiting for their class to start or waiting for their sibling to finish their class, they must sit with their parent in the viewing area. For insurance and liability reasons, we cannot have them on any of the equipment.

We appreciate your help with this.

For those participating in the Parent and Tot and/or Gymini Crickets class, 1 parent per participant must participate in the class. The class is active and parents are expected to participate with their child.

Please stay with your coach and class.


Please come into the gym for pickup and drop off

Our gymnastics club is located on the 2nd floor of an older building. There is one flight of stairs to climb. No elevator.

No outdoor shoes in the gym. Please remove footwear before entering the gym area.

WGC shares a washroom with another business in the building. Our stalls are marked with 'WGC'. Please only use these stalls.

Viewing area:

We do NOT have a designated viewing area. However you may stay and watch from the bench just inside the gym. Please do not sit behind the desk or on any equipment.  You may be asked to move if you are  obstructing or impeding the flow of class. Do not venture out into the gym area during classes.

Refrain from coaching your child from the viewing area. Any children who are with you in the viewing area must remain with you and off any and all equipment.

It is distracting to your child, other children in the class and the coaches. Our certified coaches are available before and after class to address any questions or concerns you have have. Alternatively, you can contact our head coach via email here

If visitors are not able to adhere to these rules, this area will be permanently closed to all.



Cancellations due to weather will be posted on our Facebook & Instagram pages by 3:00pm.

Make-up for weather cancellations are subject to availability in schedule. 

There are no make-ups for illness or vacation.

Class cancellations due to coach absence will be provided. 


If your child has lice or is suspected, please keep them at home until they have been completely treated. 

If you or your child is sick or not feeling well, please keep them home until they are 100% and are up to participating in class. Please follow the Region of Waterloo Public Health protocol for COVID- 19.

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